Mental health— a topic that is more and more frequently being brought up in conversation. While this increased awareness is most definitely a step in the right direction, there are still a ton of people who struggle with mental health in TX and aren’t sure where to turn. Why is this? In today’s society, productivity often seems to be of more importance to individuals than their mental health. It’s easy to become distracted by work, school, family, and friends, and lose sight of your own mental health in the process.

Here at Innova, we want to prioritize healing while keeping your busy schedule in mind. Our vision is to ensure that our clients are able to focus on their mental health in TX, no matter what their lifestyles look like, so we decided to offer online treatments, along with in-office. Treatments are tailored to each client’s personal needs so that each client can experience Innova excellence, which is “comprehensive and individualized treatment plans, compassionate and supportive care, the highest privacy standards, and a proven range of evidence-based and complementary therapies”.

Our vision allows individuals to ensure that quality care can be received by everyone in need, regardless of their location. Each of our clinicians have years of experience and are committed to helping individuals improve their mental health in TX. We only employ proven techniques, so you know that rest assured, you’re getting the best care. Further, access to group interaction is important in recovery, and we’ve made it easy to connect with encouraging individuals 24/7— virtually.

You’ve found the most innovative and flexible outlet to improve your mental health in TX. We look forward to getting to know, understand, and help you. Contact us today for more information at (210) 254-3618, or visit us in person. We are located at 1842 Lockhill Selma Suite 102, San Antonio, TX, 78213.