Recovering from trauma can be a difficult process. Lingering psychological effects such as insomnia, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder can make recovering from a traumatic event seem almost impossible. Fortunately, this is not the case. Incredible strides are being made in the world of therapy that make recovering from a traumatic event very possible. Today, there are many different treatments that are used in during trauma therapy in Texas that make recovery possible for many patients.

Cognitive Processing Therapy
Cognitive processing therapy focuses on how a traumatic event is interpreted and coped with. After a traumatic event, many people get stuck in faulty beliefs that negatively affect the person. Thoughts such as “I could have done something differently” or “I can’t trust anyone anymore” can be difficult thoughts to deal with and can negatively affect someone's sense of control in life. During trauma therapy in Texas, cognitive processing therapy can help the patient view and cope with the traumatic event in a healthier way.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
This is a comprehensive type of therapy designed to treat a variety of long-standing emotional conditions. Dialectical behavior therapy focuses on problem solving and acceptance based strategies that you can implement in your life to cope with trauma in a healthier way. Many patients begin implementing these behaviors and strategies after their first session for trauma therapy in Texas.

Prolonged Exposure
Many people cope with traumatic events by avoiding it altogether, which can be an unhealthy coping mechanism. Prolonged exposure encourages patients to engage with the event instead of avoiding it.

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