"I would like to thank you for Martha. If I believed in angels, she would be mine. She took me from darkness to the lighter side of life. She has given me the tools to make it on my own - That, I am grateful for.  Outside my daughter and husband, she has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  She has more than tamed my PTSD. Without her help, I would not have survived."

"Friendly, professional, and overall the most confident Iʼve felt in getting therapy."

"Innova Recovery has personally been the best care I have received through therapy. Not only is the staff welcoming but the clinicians really take time to get to know their clients and genuinely care about helping. Would highly recommend this facility to anyone going through a tough time."

“I met with an amazing therapist at Innova Recovery who helped me see my inner self and make it shine."

"Staff is friendly, helpful, and always recommends various therapy types based on what is best."

"All the staff I interacted with were patient, understanding, and kind. The space is clean and feels comfortable and welcoming. I would recommend this office to anyone!"

“Iʼve learned a lot about myself."

"My therapist at Innova Recovery has been there for me for the last 8 months. The use of EMDR has really helped me relearn how to respond to feelings I feel inside. He is patient, kind, has my best interest at heart. He is so smart and does not ever tell me how to solve problems. He guides me to see what I can choose to do to be grateful and to change my spiral down."

"I couldnʼt be happier with my progression. My therapist is knowledgeable, patient, and has made a huge difference in my quality of life."

“Therapy has helped me to be calmer and less angry."

“Innova Recovery Center has been an amazing resource of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. I no longer survive each day but I am now able to thrive throughout the day. I am not one of the 22 veterans a day that we lose to suicide because Innova Recovery Center has walked with me through my journey of healing.”


"Innova Recovery Center has been an amazing resource of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. I no longer survive each day but I am now able to thrive throughout the day:
‍My ability to weather the emotional turmoil that can occur when triggered by various events has not only strengthened but most importantly has expanded.
I can trust myself again
‍I can now see my own worth and treasure my worth.
‍I learned that I have a voice, a story and purpose and that they are powerful. Iʼve come to understand that my trauma recovery is nothing to be ashamed or even fearful of.
‍I can now sit and genuinely smile not because it will make someone else comfortable or to hide my inner sadness but because I want to.
‍I now see that self harm is not an option because I AM WORTHY OF LIVING, LOVING, and THRIVING.
‍I am learning to love and accept myself, just for me and no one els
‍I truly believe I am not one of the 22 veterans a day that we lose to suicide because Innova Recovery Center has walked with me through my journey of healing. I am never alone with Innova."

"Living with the after-effects of trauma had made my world very isolated and small. Participating in Innova Recovery was a very healing and life-changing experience. Everyone in the program had experienced trauma similar to my own so for the first time, I felt like I was with people who understood me. The therapists seemed very knowledgeable and compassionate about PTSD and all the terrible symptoms I was experiencing. I feel that participation in Innova greatly reduced my unwanted behaviors and symptoms, helped me to feel less fearful, and made me feel safe to be more open and to make my world larger. I have a chronic pain condition that has been prohibitive in me receiving treatment in the past so being able to attend an IOP online, from the comfort of my home, was a lifesaver. I don't believe that I could have accessed the treatment I needed without this very innovative approach to therapy. I am grateful to have been able to participate in the Innova program."

Innova Grace

"I arrived at Innova Grace the day after Mother's Day. I told myself it was the gift I was giving not only to me, but to my family as well. I spent 56 days there. Everyday we had amazing groups geared solely toward trauma. This place was unlike any other place I had been to, there wasn't an eating disorder or substance abuse track. Groups weren't muddled with an eating disorder and substance abuse message while the trauma focus was just pushed to the side. It was all trauma, all of the time. Everyone on staff at Innova truly cares for the client. From the counselors to the nurses and even the chef and workout instructor! You are truly at home, loved on, SAFE, and cared for every moment at Innova Grace. When I graduated the program, I had zero nightmares and flashbacks (which has continued since being home), had an understanding of why I sometimes do the not so helpful things I do, had a step down into outpatient treatment, and follow up appointments with the awesome individual counselor to help me transition back into home life. I have had zero instances where I have turned to maladaptive coping behaviors instead of using the skills I learned, have a vastly marked decrease in eating disorder behaviors (no trauma stuff, no need to use ED behaviors to avoid it,) and am sleeping 8 hours through the night with no nightmares. This program and the people involved in it have truly helped me change my life and live without hypervigilance, flashbacks, nightmares, intense panic and anxiety, feeling emotionally numb all of the time, and chronic avoidance of feelings. If you find yourself struggling to live with PTSD any longer and are just tired and weary, come home to yourself and let Innova Grace be a safe place to land while you do so." 

"When Innova Grace Residential Treatment Center says that it welcomes you home, itʼs a true statement. On the first day, I was scared because of stepping into the unknown. Within days after settling in, I felt like I was home, a safe home. For the following weeks, I was able to focus on myself to understand the trauma I had gone through, the effects it had on me mentally and physically, and ways I could heal from the pain. I was immersed in one on one therapy, EMDR, written and artistic homework, DBT and CBT, meditation, and different groups exploring various topics to learn the healthy skills that would help me cope with my depression and anxiety. It was like a therapy boot camp because of the deep immersion of personal work needing to be done to change your life for the better. The house itself evoked feelings of calm, inviting group spaces and comfortable essential living areas such as the bedrooms and common areas. It was a safe place to grow but also a safe place to fall during the hard times one must go through in therapy. Through the support of the Innova Grace Staff and fellow trauma survivors, I was able to start healing so that I could move forward by learning how to continue growing through the ups and downs of life. I donʼt think I would be in recovery now if it wasnʼt for the strength Innova Grace gave me. My life has changed because of Innova Grace. I want to live now because of what Innova Grace taught me; that I am worth it, that I am capable of thriving, and that I can live my life with grace."