Compassionate Therapy in San Antonio, TX
Innova Recovery is a telehealth IOP providing compassionate trauma treatment for individuals 12 and up. We provide high-quality therapy in San Antonio, TX from the comfort of your own home using secure online video software. Our team of therapists can help you recover from a variety of traumas using different therapies most appropriate for you. Innova therapists are specially trained in the area of trauma to identify and address the internal wounds of our clients. Through our therapy in San Antonio, TX, our goal is to help you find peace and an enduring state of wholeness, following whatever path is best for you.

How Does It Work?
Clients attend therapy in San Antonio, TX through secure video conferencing software 3 days per week for 3-4 hours per day, based on the needs of the patient. All treatments are done from the comfort and privacy of your own home on your own smartphone or laptop. By simply clicking on a link, you’ll be connected to each meeting and join the group. Learn more about how our therapy in San Antonio, TX works here.

Trauma Therapies
Through our therapy in San Antonio, TX, patients can be introduced to a range of trauma therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Meditation Therapy and Play Therapy. Our therapy in San Antonio, TX can help to treat mood and anxiety struggles, victims of abuse (sexual, physical and emotional) or veterans who have experienced combat-related trauma.

Get the Help You Need Today
We’re committed to helping our patients reach their full potential and healing through our therapy in San Antonio, TX. In addition to our telehealth service, we also offer in-office treatment for those in the San Antonio area. When you’re looking for compassionate, telehealth therapy in San Antonio, TX, we can help.