Mary Trevino

Billing Manager

I was born and raised in San Antonio, and no matter how hard I try to leave this city, I always find my way back home. Now that I have deep roots here, you know, marriage, kids, and purchasing a home, I am happy to say that finding Innova Recovery Center was the final piece of this puzzle I call my life. I have been a part of Innova from almost the beginning when two therapists in a tiny little office in 2018. I came from the big medical billing world in the biggest hospital in San Antonio and realized that I could not be the career woman and the mother I wanted to be with, a two-year-old and a baby.

I have always held our veterans and the military close to my heart, and when I saw the work and healing that Innova brings to the people that have served our country, I knew I had to be a part of it. Dr. Howard has allowed me to be the mother I desired to be and be in charge of the billing department. I handle all claims and patient accounts, post all insurance payments and patient payments.

When I am not working and being supermom, I enjoy cooking and baking. I have recently embarked on hiking and am taking joy in that also.