We take time to get to know each client and their unique needs. Even individuals who have endured the same trauma have very different experiences. Innova Recovery creates treatment plans tailored to the specific constellation of behaviors and co-occurring issues. We have treatment strategies and trauma therapies to help heal the whole person and build tools to help deal with traumatic incidents. 

Innova Recovery focuses on getting you set up with a clinician who specializes in the area that you are wanting to focus your attention on. We believe that you deserve a specialist to help you overcome what has brought you into therapy, therefore we employ seasoned therapists who are trained in particular areas with proven track records of success.

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Continuum of Care

Our therapists understand there are different levels of care, and at Innova Recovery, we have a variety of programs. Sometimes a person needs a one-hour weekly therapy session to feel, process, and heal. Other times, someone needs something more intensive to provide time and space for deeper therapeutic work.

Intensive outpatient (IOP) groups and residential centers exist for this reason. Our IOP Programs are group trauma therapies that run Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for three hours (total of nine hours of therapy a week). Plus each IOP client is required to have one individual session per week. 

We also have a Residential Treatment center to provide more support on a 24/7 basis and overcome past traumas. The average stay at our residential home is 45-60 days.

We want each client to have the highest level of care possible to ensure success with family, life, career, hopes, and dreams. We can move a client up and down the continuum of care, stepping into different levels when needed. A client should participate in deciding what level of care best suits their needs.

Our Trauma Therapies


In-Person Therapy

Individual therapy is completely confidential. The client will receive direct and specific feedback, a focused treatment plan and individual attention from the therapist. The pace and time of sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the specific client. Treatment is comprehensive, helping a client reprocess traumatic experiences and learn to cope with feelings of anxiety or grief.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy / IOP

Individuals give additional support to each other in groups that do not exceed 8-12 people. Therapists give thoughtful attention to group dynamics to ensure safety while individuals develop insight into their own issues and greater self-awareness by listening to others who have similar problems. Group therapy or IOP is generally more affordable than individual trauma therapies.

Residential Treatment at Innova

Residential Treatment

Deep processing and healing is able to take place in residential treatment. Individuals live in a community for the duration of their stay, sharing experiences with other residents. There is a set daily schedule in a home-like setting with full-time support from a team of trained professionals. Focus is on recovery as obligations of work, school, friends and family are removed.


We want to reduce as many barriers to receiving care as possible. We have staff dedicated solely to processing claims, advocating on behalf of clients for mental health services. Call today and we will have one of our trained admissions coordinators verify your benefits. Insurance we accept:

Molina Healthcare
All Savers Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Ambetter of Arkansas
Magellan Behavioral Health
And Many More
*We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid, with the exception of Superior. We only accept EAPs through Compsych insurance.