Trauma Happens to Everyone

Trauma Treatment at Innova Recovery

Trauma is any deeply distressing, disturbing, or painful experience that overwhelms oneʼs ability to cope. Trauma activates the alarm system in the body and can result in different symptoms of trauma. We fight, flight, or freeze in the face of danger. If we do not regain safety or heal from the effects of traumatic experiences, the effects can be long-lasting. Everyone experiences trauma throughout a lifetime. Some more than others. There are many types of trauma we can experience. Some are big T Traumas, some are little t traumas. Unresolved trauma damages a personʼs sense of safety, self, self-efficacy, as well as the ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships. There are many long-term implications and consequences when trauma goes unacknowledged, untreated, and unhealed. Everyone deserves to heal and be safe, and free of symptoms of trauma.

“Trauma therapy helps people re-establish safety and predictability in the world and reclaim their lives.”
-Bessel Van Der Kolk-

Types of Trauma

There is a range of traumatic events one may be exposed to over the course of their lifetime. Some examples include:

Sexual Assault
Religious Traumas
Domestic Violence
Death of a Loved One

Real Life Examples of Trauma

"I discovered my ex was having an affair with another woman. Shortly after discovery, we filed for divorce. Within months of our divorce he was married to that woman then moved out of the state. I had to process through betrayal and abandonment & figure out how to raise our two sons on my own."

“My best friend shot himself when we were 16. I had no idea he was suicidal, and it was the most upsetting thing that has ever happened to me. I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb out and cope. Iʼm sober now and itʼs been 15 years since his death, but I still get depressed around the same time of year as his death.”

“I was in a near fatal car accident many years ago. I often relive the accident in my mind. The impact of the wreck caused many serious injuries. I grieve the life I once knew.”

“It was really hard to watch my dad suffer and die. He spent 8 weeks in the ICU after an open-heart surgery. He was unconscious sometimes but could not talk or eat because of the ventilator. Knowing his wishes, we eventually took him off life support and I was there when he took his last breath.”

“I was raped and havenʼt been able to talk about it. It was really scary, and I feel so much shame. I did not know someone that I trusted could mistreat me that way. Iʼm pretty sure I donʼt say anything about it because I donʼt think anyone will believe me.”

“I was raised in a domineering religious environment. I was often chastised for not measuring up. The punishment and scrutiny for not meeting expectations left me feeling judged, fearful and less than.”

Indicators of Trauma (Signs/Symptoms)

Trauma responses vary greatly from one person to the next. Signs and symptoms of trauma can occur in different forms and manifest in ways that are emotional, physical, relational, etc. Examples include:

Anxiety & Depression
Self Harm
Chronic Pain
Trust or Intimacy Issues
Body image disturbance
Unhealthy Substance Abuse

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