We value your service. It is our honor to serve you. We want you to feel completely at home with Innova, so you will only be in groups with other veterans who have similar experiences. We also offer a free support group for your spouse or significant other to help them better understand you and your experiences. Family therapy is also available for those who are interested.From the first phone call to Innova, our team will make sure that your experience is as simple as possible. We will help you fill out admittance paperwork, verify your benefits and assist with you finding any local providers that your team deems necessary to your full recovery.

Typical Symptoms

Feeling detached from others, as if no one understands you
Sitting with one’s back to a wall in any room
Avoidance of crowds
Carrying a gun or weapon regularly
Avoiding new people and places
Being startled by loud noises such as cabinets slamming, coughing, clapping
Avoidance of trash cans/trash on the road
Fear of driving
Increased alcohol use
Sleeping on the couch
Angry outbursts
Difficulty maintaining employment
Relationship issues
Anxiety and depression
If you or a loved one are experiencing five or more of these symptoms,
now to speak with one of our trained advisors.

At Innova Recovery,
we can help you.


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