Dr. Kasi Howard

Dr. Kasi Howard

Dr. Kasi Howard, a clinical psychologist, launched Innova Recovery as a trauma treatment center focused on providing specialized treatment. Her focus was to build a company that provided clients personalized treatment, identifying clientsʼ specific types of trauma. Dr. Howard and a small team of three clinicians began running a telehealth Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for trauma survivors. Innova Recovery quickly became a forerunner for telehealth IOP throughout Texas and the United States.

Today, Innova Recovery serves clients throughout the state of Texas with multiple locations and has become a leading trauma treatment center in America. Our more than two dozen clinicians provide therapeutic services in person, online, in groups, and through IOP. In April 2020, our residential trauma treatment center Innova Grace opened its doors. 

Take a Deep Breath, Youʼre Home...

Seeing our patients overcome trauma and live a full life is the reason we are here. When working with Innova Recovery, you will immediately feel as though you are being welcomed to speak to a good friend, as opposed to feeling you are in a hospital. This is why when you first walk in, you will see the words:

Why Choose Innova Recovery?

At our trauma treatment center, treatment is tailored to each clientʼs individual needs. Although therapeutic approaches and activities may vary from client to client, every individual will experience the Innova Recovery difference: comprehensive and tailored treatment plans, compassionate and supportive care, the highest privacy standards, and a proven range of evidence-based and complementary therapies.

Easy Access to Therapy

We understand that many people are not within ready driving access to a trauma treatment center, nor do Intensive Outpatient Program schedules always fit the demands of a busy life. We provide multiple locations throughout Texas and offer virtual accessibility, affording everyone to engage in a session from the comfort of their own home.

Compassionate Clinicians

Every Innova team member has years of experience working with trauma and understands that each personʼs journey to healing is unique and may require different approaches at different times. Our administrative team will talk to you during your initial call ensuring to place you with a therapist who is best suited for you.


Innova Recovery understands the importance of connection in treatment. Every group at our trauma treatment center offers the chance for you to interact with others who understand the struggles you face. You also have access to different meetings, groups, and events that allow you to connect with others who have worked through their trauma.

Highest-Quality Care

Innova Recovery clinicians employ empirically proven techniques that have shown to be highly successful. Your clinician will work closely with our team of highly-skilled therapists to provide you with the best treatment possible. Innova Recovery is committed to excellence in all that we do to ensure you can heal from trauma.

We Can Help

Call us for a confidential assessment to find the right trauma treatment therapist for you.

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