Music Therapy

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A Powerful Tool for Healing and Understanding

Music Therapy is a clinical and therapeutic practice that uses music to achieve specific goals for individuals, such as treating trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

What is Music Therapy?

There is something about music that has power over us. It can entice us, make us feel warm or cold. It can raise us to happiness and bring us down to sadness. It can make us feel weak, and it can also make us feel strong. Thanks to this ‘power,’ many have sought to use it for its therapeutic benefits. In fact, there is a lot of well-documented research on the subject.

The power that music has over us can help our young clients understand that it’s okay to feel what they are feeling. In fact, music has always provided us with an outlet for our emotions, be they positive or negative. Paired with the ideas of Music Therapy, music can be used to create a safe space for teens and adults alike, a space where they can really heal.

Results of Music Therapy for Depression

Research and documented results have shown that Music Therapy heals the brain’s neural pathways previously damaged by emotional and physical trauma, and can strengthen a teen’s resilience against future events or related stressors. In regards to anxiety, trauma, or PTSD in teens and adults, Music Therapy has been shown to decrease related symptoms by a great degree. Our young clients have mentioned they no longer have nightmares, aren’t always irritable or anxious.

There was one particular study that looked at the brain waves of clients during a Music Therapy session. From the recorded brain patterns they have gathered, the researchers could easily tell when emotions changed from negative to positive. Other studies showed how music can help heal a client’s body, such as lowering their heart rates and blood pressure.

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