Relationship Trauma

Unveiling Relationship Trauma

Relationship trauma can happen at any time and any age. Unfortunately, many people find out too late that their partner, family, or friends are not healthy for them. Once you've dedicated time, energy, and emotions to individuals displaying toxic traits, breaking free can become a daunting challenge. Innova Recovery is here to help - contact us today to set up an appointment!

Subtle Yet Damaging Impact of Toxic Relationships

The problem with toxic relationships is that they often do not technically appear to be “abusive” but they leave deep scars nonetheless. The term “narcissistic abuse” has been more widely discussed in the past few years as a pattern of self-serving behavior that has now been labeled.

In these cases, it is a subtle gaslighting that happens, making you feel as if you are wrong, unworthy, or even “crazy.”

Often, these individuals also condemn close friends and family, pulling you away from trusted others that might break their spell on you, instead leaving you isolated and dependent on them.

Examples of Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse can manifest in various ways, including:


Manipulating your perception of reality, making you doubt your thoughts, feelings, and memories.


Dismissing your emotions, needs, and concerns, making you feel unworthy or wrong.


Blaming you for things they are actually responsible for, deflecting their own behavior onto you.


Using guilt, fear, or charm to control and exploit your emotions and actions.


Cutting you off from friends and family, leaving you reliant solely on the narcissist for support.

Criticizing and Insults:

Consistently putting you down, belittling your achievements or appearance.

Love-Bombing and Devaluation:

Showering you with affection initially, then devaluing you to maintain control.

Silent Treatment:

Punishing you by ignoring or withdrawing affection as a form of control.


Creating conflicts between you and others, sowing discord to maintain power.

Financial or Emotional Dependence:

Creating situations where you rely on them financially or emotionally, making it harder to leave.

Remember, narcissistic abuse is about manipulation and control, often leaving deep emotional scars. If you suspect you're in such a situation, seeking support from friends, family, or professionals is important.

Navigating and Healing from Relationship Trauma

The damage done from this emotional manipulation can leave a person feeling overwhelmed as they attempt to sort out truth from lies about themselves. There is a de-programming that must happen in order to be set free from the lies that you have believed about yourself, your relationship and those around you.

Begin Healing Relationship Trauma Today

Innova can help. We have therapists trained in treating trauma and abuse that help you find your inner truth, restore trust in yourself and set boundaries to build healthy relationships moving forward.