Virtual IOP

Online Therapy: Virtual Mental Health Treatment Program

Innova at Home’s virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers an innovative approach to trauma therapy, enabling you to dive deeper into your healing journey from the comfort of your own home.

This specialized virtual IOP mental health treatment program is tailored to enhance your understanding of trauma responses and apply effective trauma therapy techniques through a convenient and comfortable home-based format. Explore our online treatment and take a significant step forward in your therapy.

Elevate Your Healing
Journey with Online therapy

Have you been in therapy and it doesn’t feel like “enough?” Do you want to catapult your progress to a new level? Innova at Home provides you the opportunity to learn healthy coping skills, addressing the root cause of your struggles from the comfort of your home.

Our interactive groups are specially designed to target symptoms of trauma such as nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks and trust issues. Each group uses an empirically-proven curriculum led by engaging group leaders to help you see results.

What is Virtual IOP?

Our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is offered 3 days a week for 3 hours per day. You can choose from morning or evening groups to fit your schedule. Each day includes a different group, led by a variety of leaders and trauma therapists.

An IOP program is a great way to boost your current therapy progress or the perfect step-down from residential treatment to bridge the gap between treatment and home. Wherever you are, Innova at Home can meet you there with our online therapy option.

What Makes Us Different?

Innova at Home’s online therapy is a specialty program designed to treat the symptoms associated with trauma, being an abuse survivor and/or PTSD. Other programs may say they treat trauma, but also target a variety of other diagnoses, watering down the effectiveness of the trauma treatment. Innova at Home groups are carefully chosen to go down the list of symptoms of PTSD to maximize effectiveness.

All of our group leaders have received trauma-informed care training and have a deep understanding of trauma and its consequences. They will help you identify maladaptive behaviors and problematic patterns in your life to help you overcome them and live your best life.

Statistic Explainer
Statistic Explainer
Statistic Explainer

Innova Recovery has a history of excellence which is why we have been awarded the The Joint Commission's National Quality Approval. The Joint Commission (or JCAHO) is the international benchmark for quality in the healthcare industry, and we're proud to be recognized by such a prestigious organization.

Online Therapy is Covered by Most Insurance

Tailored Healing:
Programs for Men, Women, and Teens

We have programs for men, women and teens. These distinctions ensure maximum group safety and allow for deeper processing. Innova at Home alumni report a deep development of a connection with other group members, which improves trauma treatment outcomes.

Core Mental Health Conditions We Treat

Our virtual IOP program is designed to address core mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD, providing comprehensive support for those in need. We apply evidence-based approaches to help individuals understand, manage, and overcome these challenges, fostering a path towards healing and resilience.

Explore Our Virtual
Mental Health Treatment Program Locations

Innova delivers virtual IOP therapy programs, specially designed for residents of Texas and New Mexico, targeting mood, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Accessible across both states, our online IOP therapy provides a flexible and straightforward path for individuals to find support from the comfort of their homes. This digital service ensures expert trauma therapy, offering personalized care and guidance tailored to the distinctive recovery paths of individuals of all ages in Texas and New Mexico.

Innova Recovery Center
319 Los Indios Ranch Rd. Boerne, TX 78006
Innova Recovery Center
319 Los Indios Ranch Rd. Boerne, TX 78006
Innova Recovery Center
319 Los Indios Ranch Rd. Boerne, TX 78006

Is Online Therapy Right For You?

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