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Discover Healing and Education Combined at Innova's Therapeutic Day School

Innova's Therapeutic Day School offers a unique blend of mental health support and academic learning, tailored for teens facing challenges with trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Our therapeutic school combines accredited education with therapeutic care to foster growth and healing. Discover how Innova can support your teen's journey to recovery.

Therapeutic Schools

School is the most important - and often most stressful - activity in your child’s day. Sometimes teens need a break from the standard academic and social environments to focus on their own healing journey. Innova’s therapeutic day school provides this opportunity while still offering accredited school credits with an on-site certified teacher and trauma therapist.

Twenty percent of all children have an identified mental health condition annually while 40% of all children will meet criteria by age 18. The time to get help is NOW.
60% Improvement
Innova Joy’s teens report a 60% improvement in symptoms of anxiety and depression in just 3 weeks.

What Are Day Schools?

Therapeutic day school is an all day program that blends mental health with academics. Everything we do is geared towards helping your teen develop social, emotional and relational skills while also learning.

Part of the day is spent in therapeutic groups, learning self-regulation and addressing issues of trauma, anxiety and depression that have impeded their ability to focus and engage well. The rest of the day is spent in a therapeutic classroom, with a teacher who has trauma informed care training and is well-versed in mental health.

We incorporate animal therapy everyday, giving students a chance to learn to care for themselves by caring for animals, such as goats and pigs.

What Do Typical Classes Look Like?

Typical classes incorporate self-reflection and healthy coping skills into the curriculum while still learning the basics such as math, science and english. Innova Joy also understands that the teenage brain is not wired for sitting in a classroom all day. We add practical and hands-on skills groups such as cooking, gardening and life skills.

What Makes Us Different?

Innova’s therapeutic day school offers transportation to and from campus for your convenience.

Program hours - with transportation - are 8 am - 5 pm, thus there is little to no interference with the standard work day for parents.

We are a long-term program, with stays covered by insurance lasting up to 4 months. This eliminates the struggle of pulling a child in and out of school as they can stay an entire semester.

Innova Recovery has a history of excellence which is why we have been awarded the The Joint Commission's National Quality Approval. The Joint Commission (or JCAHO) is the international benchmark for quality in the healthcare industry, and we're proud to be recognized by such a prestigious organization.

Therapeutic Day School is Covered by Most Insurance

How Can We Help Your Child?

For a child who has experienced various types of trauma and abuse, going to school every day can feel like being in a war zone with bullies, pressures to perform and the constant need to be on guard. Innova Joy understands these dynamics and offers a safe environment for your child to heal so they can be ready for the next phase of life. 

We have a very strict no bullying policy and monitor all student interactions closely to ensure your child is safe. We accommodate 504 plans and help develop additional necessary plans for your child’s return to their home school when the time is right.

Our Therapeutic Day School

Innova Joy's Therapeutic Day School uniquely combines tailored trauma therapy with quality education, offering a holistic healing and learning environment for teenagers. Students engage in a curriculum that integrates therapeutic groups with a therapeutic classroom setting for academic progress with emotional and psychological recovery. This approach ensures adolescents can achieve academic success while making significant strides in their personal healing journey.

Innova Joy

Innova Joy specializes in addressing teenage trauma through comprehensive programs, including PHP Day Treatment, Outpatient, IOP, and our supportive Therapeutic Day School environment. We offer a secure and encouraging atmosphere for adolescents to embark on their healing journey with customized trauma therapy. Our dedicated trauma therapists utilize a compassionate and engaging approach to assist teens towards recovery by leveraging our day school and after-school therapy initiatives.

Who we treat
Who we treat
Therapeutic Day School, Partial Hospitalization, In-person Outpatient, Virtual Outpatient, In-person Intensive Outpatient, Virtual Intensive Outpatient
Who we treat
ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Human Trafficking, Mood Depression, Physical Abuse/Neglect, PTSD & Trauma, Relationship Trauma, School Behavior Issues, Sexual Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Trouble At School/Home.
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Take the Step Towards a Brighter Future

Innova's Therapeutic Day School represents a beacon of hope for families seeking a balance of academic rigor and mental health support for their teens. By choosing Innova, you're not just enrolling your child in a therapeutic school; you're embracing a community dedicated to nurturing recovery, resilience, and academic success. Let us be a part of your child's healing journey and academic success. Call Us Today and discover the transformative power of healing through learning.