As things are increasingly uncertain, anxiety can go up exponentially. Here are a few tips on ways to cope with isolation, uncertainty and finding a new norm.

Coping in Quarantine

1. Connect with others -Make it a goal to call/FaceTime/Skype at least one person every day

2. Focus on one day at a time.
-No one knows what this will look like so donʼt try to guess or forecast months ahead.

3. Give yourself grace.
-You child will be fine if they miss a few days of math this month. Your partner will be fine if they eat ravioli for a week. You donʼt have do everything perfectly. You have just taken on a lot of new roles which require an adjustment period.

4. Set a goal to do that thing you have always wanted to do but didnʼt have time.
-Focusing on what you are missing can be exhausting. Shift your focus to what you now have, which is a little more time to do that things you wanted to do. Take guitar lessons. Write a book. Draw. Learn to knit. Find one thing to give you a sense of mastery and commit to practicing it a little each week.

5. Remember that itʼs okay to not be okay.
-Itʼs okay to be scared. It is okay to be uncertain. Thereʼs not a “good” way to do this. Thereʼs no right or wrong. Just be. Just breathe. You will get through this.

6. Ask for what you need.
If you need help making ends meet, ask. If you need socialization, reach out. And if you feel you need professional help, many therapists are offering telehealth counseling now, easily accessible from your home. Your insurance will cover telehealth in the same manner it would an in-office visit. If you need help finding a counselor, call Innova Recovery Center today 210-254-3618 to speak with.