Therapist writing down notes

Partial Hospitalization

What is PHP Treatment

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is typically 5-6 days per week based on the needs of the individual, for 8 hours per day. During this time, you will receive two individual therapy sessions and/or family therapy sessions per week, a weekly meeting with a psychiatrist for medication management and group therapy daily.

Alternative Therapies Offered

You will also have open access to all of the alternative therapies that Innova Grace provides. This includes Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) treatments, use of the Alpha Stim device, and so much more.

Why Choose PHP Treatment?

PHP is a great way to jump start your way to healing by immersing yourself in a supportive and therapeutic environment. In just one week of PHP, you will receive an equivalent amount of therapy to that of being seen weekly for almost 1 year!

Start Your Recovery Journey with Our PHP Treatment

All of our groups are specially designed to treat the symptoms experienced by someone who has survived trauma, be it sexual abuse, physical abuse, toxic relationships, narcissistic abuse and more. These symptoms include avoidance, anxiety, depression, difficulty maintaining relationships, trust issues and so much more.  Call or message us today to learn more about day treatment at Innova Grace. We are here to help you find the life you have been missing!