What to Expect

In order that you come prepared for your stay with us at Innova Grace and know what to expect, we have compiled the following information that will help you in planning for your residential treatment center experience.

Travel Arrangements

To provide you with the control of your destination, you will be responsible for arranging your travel arrangements upon arrive at our residential treatment center. If you are traveling by bus, plane, or train, Innova Grace staff will meet you at the baggage claim. We simply need a picture ID so we can find you.

Your Arrival

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our very friendly residential treatment center staff members. After you complete some brief paperwork, you will be assigned a Buddy, who will no doubt fill you in on everything you need to know about Innova Grace and make sure that you have someone to save you a seat in group and meals. You will meet with members of your treatment team, be given a brief tour of our residential treatment center facility, including your room.

Resident Rights

It is our aim that each resident at Innova Grace feels safe and protected while here. To that end, you will receive a copy of your rights and responsibilities upon admission, so you know what to expect and how to address any issues that arise during your stay at our residential treatment center.


It is our honor to carry your story, so we do it with pride and the utmost respect in confidentiality. The only way someone will even know you are at our residential treatment center is with your signed release of information for us to confirm your presence.

What to bring

We like to say that you are family when you walk in the door…and you wouldn't leave a wallet full of money around every member of your family, so we suggest you not bring more than $100 for incidentals while you are here. There isn't much you will need cash for at our residential treatment center - other than convenience snacks. We can always help find an ATM if you need it.


Laundry machines and detergents are available for your use. You will not need a large amount of clothing, and if you feel like you have too much, please have your family take some things home next time they visit. If you think you do not have enough, please write them a letter or let them know during your call night to bring or send more.

Recommended Clothing:

15 sets of pants, shirts, socks, and underwear
Sleeping items, such as pajamas or long shorts
Clothing for physical activity
Sweatpants and sweatshirts for layering indoors
Jackets and coats suitable for being outdoors (depending on weather), avoid cotton for outer layers
Minimum of 1 pair of closed-toed Shoes -Athletic

Personal Items and Toiletries:

You may have many personal items for hygiene and care
If staff has to remove an item from you room, it will be placed in a private box and may be checked out depending on Color Status; these are:
Razors, Hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners, anything glass, such as mirrors in makeup kits, aerosols
Other items, such as tweezers, nail clippers, nail polish and remover, items in metal containers

The Following Items are not allowed:

Clothing with references to gangs, drugs, or alcohol
Clothing with profane, obscene, or suggestive printing, pictures or designs
Wearing pants or other clothing that reveals underwear
Tank top straps must be at least an inch wide and not show chest from sides
Shorts must have at least a 7-inch inseam High heels
Staff will discuss with clients if clothing is inappropriate, and we ask that you cooperate with us.
You are not allowed to trade, borrow, or give away clothing to other residents.

Healthy Life

As part of the process of recovery, Innova Grace wants you to reboot your system physically and mentally to produce the best you. Research has been conducted that illustrates how our gut affects the brain, which in turn regulates our emotions. Innova Grace provides clients with exercise opportunities, meditation, healthy eating, and healthy cooking during their stay at our residential treatment center. As Innova Grace aims to help improve the condition in your gut to regulate your emotions better, we have a no tobacco or substance use policy. We believe this will help in providing you the optimal situation to recover.

Telephone and Mail

In an effort to create and preserve a therapeutic environment at our residential treatment center, residents are encouraged to make phone calls only after the first three days of treatment, unless otherwise indicated by the individual's treatment team. Upon admission, residents are allowed to call (under staff supervision) a significant person to advise of their safe arrival. Telephones are only available during certain times to allow residents to focus on their treatment goals entirely.

Mail may be sent to the following address:
Resident's name
c/o Innova Grace
1842 Lockhill Selma Suite 102
San Antonio, TX 78213

No mail order packages will be delivered to residents while they are receiving treatment at our residential treatment center unless authorized by their treatment team.

Visitor Policies

We know relationships are essential; however, we also understand that the pressures and longings of the home can make it difficult to focus on treatment goals. Therefore, we limit visitation to those that are designated by the treatment team as therapeutic. Visitors are required to check-in with staff upon arrival at our residential treatment center and sign a HIPAA compliance form. Visitors must follow the guidelines for appropriate attire.

Guests are asked not to bring any food, cigarettes, candy, soda, etc. to any resident, and all packages will be checked. To ensure confidentiality, cameras, and picture-taking are not permitted on the grounds of Innova Grace's residential treatment center. Visiting hours on Sundays in accordance with the therapeutic schedule.