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Are trauma and PTSD the same?

Understanding The Levels of Care

This article outlines the various levels of care in mental health and trauma recovery, from outpatient services to intensive inpatient treatments, highlighting the significance of tailored approaches to address individual needs.

Are trauma and PTSD the same?

Intensive Outpatient Program in New Braunfels

Intensive outpatient treatment programs are recommended by health care providers for people who are making...

Are trauma and PTSD the same?

Intensive Outpatient Program in TX

Intensive outpatient programs are recommended for people who are transitioning...


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Are trauma and PTSD the same?

Efficacy of a Guided Group Music and Imagery Intervention for Women With PTSD

A group music and imagery (GrpMI) intervention was found to be effective at treating women with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or complex...

Are trauma and PTSD the same?

i am not a Hero

I am not a Hero Just an old man in my bed I try to sleep at night With memories in my head

Are trauma and PTSD the same?

The Power of Movement on Mental Health

It's likely you've heard by now that exercise can be an effective tool to manage mental health symptoms...

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