i am not a Hero

I am not a Hero Just an old man in my bed I try to sleep at night With memories in my head

Written by: Innova Recovery
Published on: 08/25/2020

i am not a Hero
Just an old man in my bed
i try to sleep at night
With memories in my head

The storm at night now scares me
The lightning and rumbles above
The memories of the war i went to
But yet did nothing a Hero would speak of

i canʼt help myself with these feelings
i fear what has already past
As i lay hear in my safe bed
With the prayers that this storm wonʼt last

i try to prepare for the worst
Thoughts and fear run through my head
But i canʼt help think of those soldiers
As i lay here in my safe bed

i am not a Hero
i studied, i trained, i went
But nothing except bad memories
Of when i layed there in my tent

But now many things scare me
That i have never feared before
As i lay here in my safe bed
With memories i have from war

i try and try to hold it
These emotions that i have
And the ones who are now my protectors
Continue to come home to a grave

i am not a Hero
There are others who deserve that praise
But the price that they pay for their service to us
Is forgotten in not many days

As i continue to live life and get older
My children live safe and have grown
i cannot help but think of the days
When i was the one who was gone

Once young and eager to serve my country
There was nothing that i would fear
But now i lay in my safe bed
Afraid of the sounds that i hear

There are Heroes that deserve our thanks
Even more for what they endured
For their fearless and selfless service
Now unable to hear our word

i am not a Hero
Just an old man that doesnʼt understand
Why i have fear of things like never before
Such as the shadows i see from my hand

Those serving us now are the true Heroes
For the comfort that they give
Those warriors who fight for our freedom
So old soldiers like me can live

They protect us and fight for our freedom
Earn ribbons they wear on their chest
Yet these Heroes when they return
Are praised with “They were the best”

There is nothing we can say or do
To prevent this bittersweet calling
Thank them now for their service to GOD and country
In case some day they have fallen

i am not a Hero
Just an old man in my safe bed
With the pride that i served so others may live free
And the fear of whatʼs in my head

os, SFC Ret


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