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At Innova Recovery Center, we offer tailored therapy programs for women, designed to help them address their unique needs and experiences. Our highly experienced and licensed counselors are committed to providing quality and compassionate care to ensure every woman is able to find the support and healing they need.

Women's Therapy Programs

We prioritize women's mental health to foster overall wellness, creating a safe and secure space for meaningful, lasting change.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy can help in personal growth, healing from trauma, improving relationships, addressing mental health issues, and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Womenʼs Intensive Outpatient Program is made for those who have been left to live with pain inflicted by others. We believe you can overcome those hurts and find strength, renewal, and fresh hope again.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization programs provide a safe and supportive environment to help individuals struggling with mental health issues make meaningful progress in their recovery journey.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment facility provides a supportive and safe environment where women can heal from that pain in which life has brought. Our focus on EMDR trauma therapy helps women learn lifelong coping skills, while changing negative beliefs and negative core beliefs. You are not alone on this journey, so we walk with you every step of the way.

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Sending a patient for mental health services can be a positive step towards bettering their wellbeing. Our experts are equipped to offer counsel and investigate the ideal solutions for each individual case.

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Understanding The Levels of Care

Understanding The Levels of Care

This article outlines the various levels of care in mental health and trauma recovery, from outpatient services to intensive inpatient treatments, highlighting the significance of tailored approaches to address individual needs.

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