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Innova Recovery Center provides specialized trauma therapy and individual therapy through Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) in New Mexico. Our services include thorough assessments and expert trauma therapists, ensuring customized care and unmatched support. This comprehensive approach is designed to alleviate the impact of trauma on your thoughts, feelings, and actions, guiding you towards recovery, tranquility, and satisfaction.

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Discover support on your healing journey with our New Mexico-based trauma therapy treatment. Innova Recovery Center provides expert trauma therapists available to guide your path to healing.

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Albuquerque New Mexico

Virtual Programming — New Mexico

In New Mexico, our Online Therapy services provide a similar level of convenience and accessibility, allowing individuals to access professional trauma therapy from anywhere in the state. This approach ensures that New Mexico residents receive the specialized care they need for a holistic healing journey, supported by experienced therapists dedicated to their recovery.

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Adults, Teens, Adolescents, Families
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Virtual Individual Therapy, Virtual Intensive Outpatient
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Take the first step toward a life beyond trauma with Innova Recovery's specialized trauma therapy and support services. Our New Mexico trauma therapy options offer accessible, expert care designed to meet your unique healing needs. Click below to connect with our compassionate team and begin your journey to healing.

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