IOP in San Antonio

Welcome to your trusted IOP in San Antonio. Innovaʼs licensed therapists serve ages 12 and up, online, through secure video software. Our IOP in San Antonio is a location-free solution for compassionate and high-quality trauma care. Our patients meet with therapists 3 days per week for 3-4 hours per day based on their unique needs. Therapists will then design treatment plans unique to their needs in order to discover the most effective path to recovery. To begin meetings with therapists, patients simply click on a link and join via secure video conferencing software. If youʼre seeking a professional IOP in San Antonio, youʼve come to the right place.

Our Trauma Therapies

The Innova IOP in San Antonio offers a variety of therapies designed to help you heal internal wounds and live a full life. Our therapists focus not only on skill development to deal with issues, but also on identifying core beliefs about oneʼs self and the world that are no longer serving them. Find peace and enduring state of wholeness through our IOP in San Antonio. Our IOP in San Antonio trauma therapies include:
· Cognitive Processing Therapy
· Dialectical Behavior Therapy
· Eye Movement Desensitization reprocessing
· Prolonged Exposure
Learn more about our IOP in San Antonio treatments here.

Weʼre Ready to Help

With our IOP in San Antonio, you will meet with compassionate, licensed therapists and attend online groups from the comfort of your own home. You will also have access to a variety of resources to support you in your treatment journey. Weʼre here to help you overcome the trauma you have experienced and live life to the fullest! Connect one of our recovery advisors for more information on our IOP in San Antonio at 210-254-3618. For more information about how our process works, click here. We look forward to helping you discover peace and healing.