Elizabeth Garrison

Elizabeth Garrison

Mediation Specialist

About Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Garrison and I am a Guided Imagery/Meditation Specialist and Therapist for Innova Recovery and Innova Grace Residential Trauma Center.  I have been a student of many types of meditation and traveled the world learning from many Masters. I have a unique program that combines Guided Imagery/Meditation, mindfulness and autogenic training which was developed over 30 years ago in collaboration with Jan and John Randolph Price of The Quartus Foundation.

Research on the effectiveness of Guided Imagery for trauma, chronic pain, and serious illnesses dates back to the 1970s. Since then this safe form of treatment has also been proven to help patients with PTSD, eating disorders, stress and poor sleep patterns to name but a few.  Guided Imagery will reduce unwanted behaviors, increase motivation and achieve goals exploring new ways to handle situations and increase self-esteem.

I am a native New Zealander allowing me to envision the rich and beautiful landscapes to take my patients on peaceful journeys of the mind.  I love what I do and am able to connect with each unique and beautiful Soul on a very deep level. I have also introduced VibroAcoustic Therapy to Innova Grace.  This is a full-body vibration therapy through the medium of a warm, water-filled mattress in which the body is bathed repeatedly with continual delivery of frequencies allowing the energy flow in and around the body to restore balance on all levels, enabling the physical and emotional body to heal.

Many of my meditations are on my YouTube channel: Elizabeth Garrison - Guided Meditation.

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