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Nichole McDaniel

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About Nichole

Nichole McDaniel's journey began in the picturesque town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where she was born and raised. Her childhood was infused with the great outdoors, as she reveled in fishing, hiking, and ATV rides. This early connection to nature would eventually shape her path.

Her career in the realm of compassionate service ignited at a young age when, at just 16, she embarked on her journey as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Soon after, she enlisted in the military and served as a Behavioral Health Technician, distinguishing herself as a Non-Commissioned Officer at Fort Drum, New York, over a span of four years. During her service, Nichole played a vital role in assisting soldiers returning from deployments, offering unwavering support through case management and group-level treatments for conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Upon her honorable discharge, Nichole embarked on a relentless pursuit of knowledge, earning her Associate Degree in Human Development, a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, and a Master's Degree in Social Work. Her unwavering dedication led her to a position as a residential care manager for youths residing in a children's home. In this role, she honed her skills in nurturing and guiding young individuals with complex backgrounds, including those with criminal histories, challenging home lives, emotional crises, foster care experiences, and trauma histories.

Recognizing the profound impact of trauma and environment on youth academic achievement, Nichole took a bold step and founded Mindful Tutoring LLC in Watertown, NY, from October 2020 to June 2022. With a focus on one-on-one and group interventions, she dedicated herself to dismantling the emotional barriers hindering academic success. Her exemplary work did not go unnoticed, as her business earned recognition on the local ABC news channel, serving both military and civilian families within the community.

Today, Nichole has made her home in the vibrant city of San Antonio, Texas, where she practices as a Licensed Master Social Worker. Her expertise extends to EMDR therapy, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and trauma-informed care for youths. She delves deeply into the study of narcissistic personality disorder and how to overcome its profound impact on oneself and relationships.

Nichole's personal journey is a testament to her unwavering resilience. Growing up within the foster system and navigating life with parents facing mental health challenges, she brings a unique perspective to her role as a therapist. Her firsthand experience as a military servicewoman has given her invaluable insights into the effects of trauma on both individuals and families.

In her rare moments of reprieve, Nichole enjoys maintaining her physical health through workouts and relishes quality time spent with her large family of eight. She has a unique penchant for tending to her feathered and furry friends, including her cherished chickens and mini pig.

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