Whitney Dee Reina

Whitney Dee Reina

Manager of Intensive Outpatient Program

About Whitney

"The belief that life in recovery from addiction is a daily struggle is a total misconception! As a person in long-term recovery, life for me looks like accepting my emotions- positive and negative, and a willingness to experience and share them with others. Because of recovery, I can be my authentic, imperfect self, and love myself just as I am. Recovery has gifted me with a reality that I don't have to escape from, an education and job that fulfills me by serving others, and a marriage with my best friend. Because of recovery, life is full of adventure, laughter, and food! Recovery is worth it and so are YOU!"

Whitney has a passion for serving those that have experienced substance use disorder, including adolescents. Research has shown that the majority of individuals that struggle with addiction are also experiencing mental health symptoms, including trauma. Throughout her career, Whitney has worked in both community nonprofit and dual diagnosis residential treatment centers. By facilitating multiple evidenced based curriculums, including DBT, CPT, Mindful Self Compassion, and Dr. Brené Brown's Shame Resilience, Whitney believes in the power of IOP's comprehensive skills training to supplement individual counseling and healing. She hopes to provide clients with an empathic connection, exceptional documentation to advocate for their care, and an enormous tool box of therapeutic skills.

Her leisurely pursuits include saltwater fishing, playing softball, and all things purple!

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