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Learn how to accept all your thoughts and embrace all your feelings with the help of our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for women. Through our aide, you’ll never have to suppress your thoughts or feelings.

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What Is Acceptance & Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT for short, is a form of mindfulness-based therapy that focuses on self-acceptance with a desire or commitment to change for the better. Healing happens as individuals find freedom from judgment as they become themselves.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has been around for years, though it became more prominent in the last decade. ACT has shown to be great when working in different conditions or with situations including trauma, PTSD, anorexia, substance use, depression, and anxiety. ACT can be used on women of all ages, from teens to adults.

The 6 Core Processes

Expansive thinking, or also known as psychology flexibility, is the main goal of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for women. It is achieved through six core processes:



Acceptance means to embrace - accept - where you are at the moment. You may not be where you planned to be or doing what you wanted to do. Whatever your current situation is, you won’t be able to get anywhere else until you accept it. You have to take a moment to think and be okay with where you are or what you are doing right now.

Cognitive Defusion

Through cognitive defusion, you can improve how you react to negative events. As things in life happen, negativity is inevitable. But rather than focusing on what happened, you must focus on how to deal with it. ACT will teach you the skills you’ll need to tackle problems that occur head on without worrying about the event that already happened.

Being Present

ACT will teach you how to be aware of the present moment. It starts with accepting your current situation without judging it or changing it.

Self as Context

In Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for women, you will learn that an individual is not only the sum of what happens to them - it also includes their experiences. You use what you’ve done, seen, learned, and encountered as the context for where you are and what you feel.


Values are important to people. When someone lives outside of their values, life slowly loses meaning. Anxiety, depression, and other related issues begin to seep into the mind as motivation and confidence wane. By defining and prioritizing what is important to you, no matter what those things are, will add meaning and value back to your life.

Committed Action

Committed Action emphasizes taking necessary steps to start making changes to your life. Instead of avoiding painful reminders of traumatic events, fear of failures, and life-changing decisions, ACT teaches and reinforces commitment to positive change. This is how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is different from other therapies at our residential treatment center for women.

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ACT at Innova Recovery

Here at Innova Recovery, we offer ACT to help people with symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety, and others. We hope that, through ACT, you will be able to accept your situation, figure out your values, and be willing to commit to change.