Art Therapy

Express yourself through art for your mental & emotional well-being

Art therapy is one of the many treatment modalities used at Innova Recovery for those struggling with trauma symptoms. Patients often experience a cathartic release of emotions while learning to identify feelings that were previously difficult to label.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy utilizes creativity and artistic expression to foster healing and well-being. Art therapy began being utilized more formally in the 1940s, though using creative expression to find healing has been done since the beginning of time.

It has gained increasing popularity in mainstream culture in recent years as millions have found the benefits of adult coloring books to find relief from stress and anxiety. Research has shown art therapy to be effective in the treatment of substance use, trauma symptoms, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and so much more.

You do not have to be artistic to benefit from art therapy. Those who struggle with perfectionism and judgment over their creative expression tend to benefit from art therapy as it targets a different part of the brain than cognitive therapies do.

Forms of Art Therapy

Almost any form of creative expression can be therapeutic as it provides a cathartic release of emotions and helps one to identify feelings otherwise difficult to label. More popular forms of art used in therapy include:






Sand tray art


Finger painting

Working with clay

Doodling & scribbling

Art Therapy at Innova Recovery

At Innova, we have multiple therapists who incorporate art therapy to help clients find relief from common struggles, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma symptoms, self-harm urges, and avoidance among others. We invite you to partner with your therapist to discuss how you could benefit from incorporating artistic expression into your therapy.

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