Identity Formation

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Helping You Form Your Identity

Understand your self-worth and idea of belonging in this world through identity formation therapy. We can help build you up into someone more confident and sure of themselves.

What Exactly is Identity Formation?

Identity Formation, also known as Identity Development, is the process in which a person develops a clear idea and view of themselves. As a form of therapy, Identity Formation can help define a client’s beliefs, values, and sense of self.

What Affects a Person’s Identity Formation?

A person’s identity is in a constant state of change, taking one form at one moment in time and then changing later on. A person’s personality is shaped by their experiences, the friends they keep, the social circles they join, the culture they are in, and so on.

As a person explores who they are, what they like, and what they believe in, there will be times when they will become confused. This confusion can be the result of a conflict between identity formation and the norms of family, society, and so on.

What Makes Identity Formation Essential

When one’s identity formation is hindered, they won't be able to create a positive relationship with theirself. They will be plagued by self-doubt, constantly second-guess themselves, and have a weak drive to improve themselves to achieve goals.

With the help of Identity Formation therapy, an individual can correct misconceptions, rethink the actions they want to take, and decide who they want to become. Identity Formation for women can strengthen a woman’s relationship with herself. It will allow her to grow and become a better person.

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