Relationship Effectiveness

Connect, and Stay Connected, With Others

Here at Innova Recovery, we do our best to help women improve their relationship effectiveness so they can easily connect and interact with people, both new and current.

Defining Relationship Effectiveness

Also known as ‘Interpersonal Effectiveness,’ it can be defined as the ability to connect and interact with others. It includes methods an individual can use to:

  • Balance between priorities and demands
  • Balance between “wants” and “shoulds”
  • Deal with relationships
  • Build up proficiency and self-respect

Why Relationship Skills Are Needed

Our ability to interact and connect with others can be split into the goals we have in mind for those interactions or connections. These goals are:

Achieving An Objective

With the proper skills, we can clarify what we want from an interaction and understand what we need to do to get the best results from it.

Maintaining Relationships

To maintain a relationship, we must understand how important that one relationship is to us and what we can do to keep it going.

Maintaining Self-Respect

To keep our self-respect, we use interpersonal skills to help us feel the way we would like to feel and stick to our values when an interaction ends.

Each of these goals requires interpersonal skills. While a few of them will be used in specific situations, some skills will be essential for achieving one or all three goals.

Why You Should Develop Your Relationship Effectiveness

Like other skill sets, you should spend time working on your interpersonal skills. While it can be okay to just leave your skills at a bare minimum level of effectiveness, it would always be better to level them up further!

If you feel most of your communication skills have been sharpened to the point of perfection, that’s great! Now it’s time to work on the others. There is always room to improve. Even the best communicator in the world sees what kind of improvements they can make to their repertoire.

With improved relationship effectiveness, you will have additional tools at your disposal when interacting and communicating with others. Also, not only will you be able to accomplish your goals, but you will do so at higher degrees.

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