Shame Resilience Therapy

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Become Strong and Resilient

Shame Resilience can help women become more resilient against all sorts of negative feelings, allowing them to shift towards feeling empathy, freedom, and power.

Defining Shame and Guilt

Author and researcher Brene Brown defines shame as “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.”

Guilt and shame appear in women that survive a traumatic event. Some women would feel ashamed that they survived when others did not. Other women will feel guilty that they were unable to do anything to stop the traumatic event from happening. It can be extremely difficult to recover with the weight of many ‘what-ifs’ on their minds.

With the help of shame resilience, women will learn how to shake off their burden of shame and guilt. It is the perfect therapy for women who want to know how to process their negative feelings and learn from these past painful experiences.

Processing Shame With Shame Resilience Therapy

Shame Resilience for women begins with understanding what shame is and where it comes from. When helping women process shame, we ask how or where they feel shame. Does it feel like a knot in your stomach? Or does it feel like a heavy weight on their shoulders?

We then teach women how shame and guilt can affect them and, by extension, their lives. We discuss various concepts, such as isolation or reduced communication with friends and family, and the associated consequences. These include depression, anxiety, and even substance use.

As they slowly realize and understand the shame affecting them, they can start to heal, let go of their negative thoughts, and finally move on. As the women process their shame, they will then eventually build a foundation of compassion within themselves. This helps strengthen their empathy and positive thoughts while weakening shame and guilt. Once they accept their experiences, they will no longer feel ashamed.

Shame Resilience for Women at Innova Recovery

At our shame resilience group, women will learn how they can remain safe while also being vulnerable. While it does sound like a weird paradox, that is the strength of our shame resilience for women.

While at our residential treatment center, our professional staff will work closely with you. They will help you reach your goals with appropriate, cutting-edge therapies, including shame resilience. We aim to heal you as a whole person with our therapy and trauma treatment strategies that include your mind, body, and spirit. Know that you are not alone, and that you are a capable and worthy individual. Let us help you let your light shine once more.

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